Private Chef Services

A private chef is dedicated to you.  Your foodstuff – meals, snacks, shakes & drinks – are provided, on your schedule, daily.  When you want to host a dinner for friends, family, or business acquaintances, your private chef is there to design, prepare, and serve. You may require a full time private chef for your home or family, or you may find that having one for a stretch, while you’re working (or playing) extra hard is just the right support.

Catering & Event Design

The Gathered Table team can orchestrate any and all aspects of a celebration. From intimate diner party to elegant wedding banquet, your express wishes direct us to fulfill your vision. 

Gathered Table can design and coordinate your event from start to finish. From venue selection to flower arrangements, from music to lighting, you can relax and enjoy the process knowing Gathered Table has got it all covered.

Cooking Classes

The Chefs at Gathered Table provide in home or on stage cooking demonstrations and lessons. For a group of girlfriends or a classroom of kids, we promise an engaging culinary experience. One on one training is a great way for the novice or experienced home chef to learn new recipes and techniques that will shine as highlights of your kitchen repertoire.

Health & Diet Consultation

It’s common knowledge that food deeply affects our health and wellbeing.  Despite this being well known, we all still reach for foods that don’t serve us.  The chefs of Gathered Table emphasize the inherently satisfying and pleasurable nature of food, while supporting and sustaining wellness. Gathered Table’s team of nutritional consultants and personal chefs, trained in the impact of food on the body and psyche, offer clients the support they need.  We help clients set goals and select nutritious food to reach them. Our team is inclined towards food-based therapy before any other medicine.  Literally speaking, this means eating to get and stay well.

Staff Hiring & Management

Gathered Table Events provides all of the staff necessary to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Teams are assembled specifically for each occasion; individuals selected for their unique talents and abilities to work seamlessly together.

Sports Nutrition

Gathered Table chefs Debbie Nash and Mary Vyn work with elite, professional, and Olympic athletes, planning and preparing their meals for optimal performance and health.  Our nutritional consultation and food preparation can give you the competitive edge, allowing you to reach professional and personal goals and enjoy excellent health.